A Journey to Wellness

I am an Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor and Registered Yoga Teacher. I teach students 50 + in the Viniyoga tradition. My heart soars when a student leaves my class feeling relaxed, calm and energized – stronger and more flexible.

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I am a nature lover and tree hugger. I enjoy roaming near and far with my dog, Samantha Rose and our human friends. Join us on a journey to wellness.

Morning stretch with Sammie, Wallowa Lake in Oregon.

“If you have learned something really well,
then the way you express it will not be the same way you learned it.”
– T Krishnamacharya

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I spent eighteen months trying different yoga classes and was so fortunate to find Heidi. I started by taking one yoga class from her and now try to go twice weekly. If I have to miss because of travel I can feel the difference. (I am over 65 and I find that muscles tighten up more quickly than they used to do). Heidi always suggests variations on the poses we do and never pushes people to do more than they feel that they should do. Heidi also has the most gentle, accepting nature and I think everyone must feel as comfortable as I do in her class, because she has an enthusiastic following.


Off and on for the past fifteen years I have taken yoga with varying experiences. It wasn’t until I started classes with Heidi that I really begin to appreciate the importance of yoga to my general well-being.

Heidi is always well prepared. She changes her lessons just enough that there is variety and is always willing to listen to her students so as to fit their needs into the class.

The parks department is extremely fortunate to have an instructor of such high quality. I hope the department will do everything possible to keep Heidi.


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